Y2mate and its Copyright Issues Alog with Legal Consequences [y2mate.com]

Do you use y2mate.com very often to download YouTube Videos or to covert videos in to mp4 or mp3 format? Do you know using Y2mate.com without knowing about its legal consequences can put you in trouble?

It is legal to use a YouTube video downloader for personal use, such as watching a video offline, as long as you comply with YouTube's terms of service. However, it is generally illegal to use a YouTube video downloader to download and distribute copyrighted material without permission, such as using the downloaded video for commercial purposes or uploading it to another platform. It is important to respect intellectual property rights and use these tools responsibly.

What is Y2Mate.com?

Y2mate is a web based service that allows you to download videos and audio from steaming websites (like Youtube) in multiple popular file format. You can use any web browser (be it Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari) to download movies and music files from popular video sharing platforms such as youtube, Facebook, Instagram and many more via Y2mate.

What Y2Mate Does?

As you can anticipate, the task of Video downloading from YouTube has been made super easy by Y2mate.com. And that is the primary reason why it is so popular. Secondly the app is completely free and web based hence you don’t need to download or install any executable file to get the job done. Additionally there’s an audio download feature built in which is useful in many cases. There are several other similar websites but they can’t match the quality of service that Y2mate provides. Last but not the least it detects the videos from Youtube to be specific in blazing fast speed. And hence, no wonder why Y2mate is so popular.

As said before, the task of downloading videos and audio from YouTube is a super easy using Y2mate.com. Y2mate’s search box allows you to enter your intended video URL directly. The video file can be converted into multiple popular formats and you can also save videos in HD with Y2mate. Apart from Youtube, it’s also possible to download videos from third-party applications, like Facebook and Google. When it comes to downloading many videos simultaneously or parallelly, Y2mate is an excellent choice.

When trying to download video from Y2mate, you will be able to select not only the format of the file, but also the Video/Audio option from where you can selectively download only audio or The video along with the audio.

Y2mate’s user-friendly interface is also one of the major reasons why this tool has garnered this much popularity. You may also get the respective audio and even subtitles from it. Y2mate also have a customer support which you can contact if you have any issues.

Is Y2Mate An Illegal Application?

The vast majority of video and music downloads through Y2mate are deemed to be done in a violation of intellectual property rights. The only movies and audio files or any other content that you may legally download on the internet are those that are in the public domain or that are licensed under a creative commons license (CC-BY). The same applies to Y2mate as well.

Y2mate as a software is not an illegal application by virtue of just being an application but depending upon the usage, how you are using Y2mate, you may find yourself on the other side of the law if you don't follow the relevant Copyright Laws properly. 

Most music and videos on video-streaming services such as YouTube, on the other hand, are licensed to their respective owners (the original creators of the video, not the uploader) but are generally reusable under creative common license if not stated otherwise. Hence, if you are downloading any content that is licensed under Public Domain or Creative Common Share Alike or Copyleft attribute, you can download the content as the license allows the same.

In case, if you wonder how you would be able to know if a certain video is licensed under Creative Common or not. Suppose you are searching for “copyright free music” over YouTube. In that case, when you would be searching for “copyright free music”, you can search within Youtube.com

Illustrating Creative Common Download for Y2mate
Source: Youtube.com

You can simply select the Filter Option from there:

 Illustrating Creative Common Download for Y2mate.com
Source: Youtube.com

And from the filters, you can simply select the “Creative Common” as shown below:

How To Download Creative Common Youtube Videos through Y2mate.com
Source: Youtube.com

But for other kind of license or attributions, downloading the copyrighted films or content which aren’t allowed to be freely reused constitutes a violation of not only YouTube’s Terms of Service but also the prevailing Intellectual Property Rights and thereby will be reckoned as a copyright violation. Using a authorized distributor website to download films and music is preferable (obviously you need to pay for the license) since it has paid for the necessary license and therefore will also take a license fee from you for allowing it to lawfully distribute its videos and music via personal/private download option.

Currently, there are just a few distinct categories of videos that may be legally downloaded, including which are in:

Contents in Public domain

Whenever the copyright has expired, become forfeited, waived, or was inapplicable from the beginning, the work is in the public domain. The video is not owned by anybody, which means that members of the public are allowed to copy and share the content.

Contents Under Creative Commons License

In the case of works whereby the artist retains ownership rights, but has granted permission to the public to duplicate and distribute the work, this is referred to as Creative Commons licensing.

Contents with Copyleft Attribute

Copies, distributions, and modifications of the work are permitted under the terms of the copyleft license, so long as the same rights are granted to derivative content. If you’d want to understand more about the differences between copyright and copyleft, check out our page on the subject.

A little searching will turn up a plethora of videos that fit into one of the categories listed above. Recall that downloading these films through Y2Mate will still result in a violation of YouTube’s Terms of Service, but it will not be considered a criminal offence.

What Legal Problems You Can Face By Using Y2Mate?

To a certain extent, it is governed by national law whether you are violating any such law by downloading the video using Y2mate. The copyright owner’s permission is required to copy digital work in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union. You might be sued by the copyright holder for any unauthorized download of any content which is not meant to be used that way. Even for personal consumption or use, you are unable to download such contents from legal perspective.

If you use third-party mobile apps or websites to download YouTube videos, you may not be aware that you may be subject to a copyright or legal notification from the respective Police authority or even from your internet service provider. In the event of a police complaint, your account may be suspended or banned.

In India, legal action can also be brought against copyright infringement under the Copyright Act of 1957. If found guilty of copyright infringement, the offender faces a minimum of six months in jail and a maximum of three years in prison, as well as a fine ranging from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 2 lakhs.

A search and seizure of infringing items may also be ordered by the court and the infringing goods may be handed to the genuine copyright owner under criminal action against copyright infringement.

Owners of copyrights have the right to sue anybody who violates their work’s copyright. Courts have authority over civil remedies cases, and copyright owners can seek damages, injunctions, and other remedies. In addition, no offence against the Copyright Act may be brought before a court lower than a Metropolitan Magistrate or a Judicial Magistrate of the first class.

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