TEN- The Eighth Note all set for Content Acquisition & blanket deals of music libraries

TEN – The Eighth Note, which was launched to support virgin or unnoticed artists, is all set to acquire content libraries, film music rights, musical audios and videos. TEN – THE EIGHTH NOTE  is  keen for collaborations and blanket deals with the Indian and international studios. For those who are not aware, TEN is a … Read more

Already giving up on your new year resolutions? Here is a one-stop solution

Most of us start the year with resolutions. Some look to get fitter, some want to save the planet, and most of us look for a better quality of life. The lists are long which makes them difficult to achieve and most of us start to lapse. But what if we told you that a … Read more

Revolutionizing Classrooms: How Nefficar Portable Voice Amplifier is Transforming the Way Teachers & Elderlies with Vocal Cord Issues Communicate

Bengaluru, IN: Since its launch in 2015, Nefficar Voice Amplifier has been helping thousands of people improve their communication and quality of life. This innovative device serves as a voice aid for elderlies, a personal voice amplifier for teachers, trainers, and tour guides, and as a Portable PA system for making announcements or addressing groups … Read more

Abdulwahab’s Office Announces New Investment Opportunities for 2023

Abdulwahab’s Office, a state-of-the-art multi-national investment firm based in Oman and London, UK has announced a raft of exciting new projects for 2023, with launches by some of its partner companies that offer new opportunities for ambitious investors. One of those partners is MADA Computers, which will be releasing a new product in the IT … Read more

Haber accelerates green chemistry development with an AI-driven lab in Pune

Haber, an India-based startup, announced that it is expanding its existing facility to now include a first-of-its-kind laboratory focusing on chemical research, application, and analytical sensor development. The company’s flagship product, eLIXA®, is an AI-driven device that helps automate the tedious manual processes of factory sample collection, measurement, analysis, and intervention.