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Covid-19 Precation Dose Registration or Covid Vaccine Booster Dose Registration Online at will be discussed in this article. The 3rd Dose Slot Booking via CoWIN will also be the subject matter of this article.

After the catastrophic first and second waves, the Corona Virus began to spread again. According to experts, this marks the beginning of the third wave. In response to the increased number of Covid cases, the government has begun providing Cowin Covid Booster Dose Vaccine to all frontline employees and persons associated with different health-related industries.

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When Covid Cowin Booster Dose Vaccine Registration Will Start?

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare launched the Covid Vaccine Booster Dose Drive and Frontline Workers are already receiving their Booster Dose right now. Furthermore, with online registrations done properly, Senior Citizens (agred more than 60 years) are now eligible for Covid Vaccine Booster Dose.  Covid-19 Vaccine Booster Dose’s Cowin App Registration has began from January 10th for senior citizens.

One must follow the steps described in this article to register for Covid Precaution Dose/Booster Dose through the Cowin App or directly from the website i.e. Cowin Vaccination for Children has already began on January 3, 2022, and this will provide the required protection to India’s youngsters. The government has asked all parents to register their children for vaccinations. 

All the Indian citizens who have previously received the first two doses of the Covid Vaccine may register for the Booster Dose Vaccine through the Cowin website in order to get the booster jab. In the midst of growing concern over the third wave of COVID-19, the Booster dose vaccination campaign will aid frontline workers. These frontline worriers are the only ones who fought back against Corona while providing their highest quality of service throughout the Covid Crisis.

Who Can Get Covid Vaccine Precaution Vaccine?

In the present circumstances, elders and frontline employees will get the precaution dosage first. Nurses, doctors, and senior individuals over the age of 60 who work in social health care may apply for the precautionary dose. Eligible citizens should immediately enroll and schedule for the COVID-19 booster dose at nearby vaccination centre provided that they satisfy the criteria and pre-requisites as mentioned below.

Know These Before Taking Covid Vaccine’s Precaution Dose:

For a handy guide on Covid Vaccine Booster Dose Registration Online, please see the points given below. Those who are going to get Booster Dose may also refer to further guidelines published by the government.

  • Only frontline professionals such as nurses, doctors, other health workers, and hospital staff will get a Booster Dose beginning January 10, 2022.
  • Senior persons may get Covid Booster Dose through the Cowin App or
  • The Booster Dose is only offered to people who have already given the first two doses.
  • Finally, you can find a step-by-step instruction to registering for Covid Vaccine Booster Dose in the area below. Precaution Booster Dose Slot Booking

Campaign NameCovid-19 Vaccine ‘Precaution’ (Booster) Dose 
Launched byGovernment of India
Commencement of Covid Vaccine 3rd Dose RegistrationJanuary 10th 2022
Registration Website and CoWIN Portal
Eligibility CriteriaFrontline Workers and Senior Citizens (as of Now)
Purpose of Precaution DoseTo ensure better Immunity against Covid-19 new strains
Vaccine Used as Booster DoseCovaxin
Mode of Booster Dose Website and CoWIN Portal
Cowin App Available onApple App Store and Google Play Store
Age LimitAbove 60 Years
Covid-19 Booster Dose Registration

What Vaccine I Will Get as Booster Dose?

Citizens will receive vaccine dose of the the same make as booster dose. For example, if a person has received the first and second doses of covaxin vaccine, the booster dose will be of covaxin vaccine only, or if a citizen has received Covishield vaccine as its first and second doses, the concerned person will receive Covishield vaccine boosteras precaution dose.

How to Register Covid-19 Vaccine Precaution Booster Dose at

People who wish to be vaccinated may register for the Covid Vaccine 3rd Booster Dose by following the instructions below. This guideline is also helpful and applicable for vaccination of the children aged 15 to 18 years old. For the children, they may also apply online for vaccine slot booking (1st dose) using their student id-card as issued by the respective school authority (if they don’t have Aadhar Card already).

Covid Vaccine Booster Dose Cowin Registration Process
Covid Vaccine Booster Dose Cowin Registration Process

These stages are easily completed either via your Cowin App or Cowin website. If you need to know the detailed process on how to register for covid-19 vaccine, we have a detailed article discussing how you can register for vaccine using Cowin App, Umang App and by other means.
However, here ate the steps that you need to follow:

  • Open the Cowin App or on your smartphone.
  • Then, choose the Slot Booking option.
  • On the next page, click the Booster Dose button.
  • You may choose the Booster Dose brand next. Choose the one that is as per with the previous dose.
  • Finally, check the time and date for Vaccine in your District (or via pin code) and continue.
  • To get administered the Covid 19 Booster Dose, go to the confirmed Vaccination center on the scheduled day.

Why You Should Take Cowin Booster Dose?

With the mounting dread of the 3rd wave, it is now critical for the elderly and the immunocompromised section of the population to get the 3rd vaccination shot, otherwise the situation may worsen. The following are some of the most compelling reasons for taking cowin Booster Dose.

We all are aware of the latest Covid-19 stain called Omicron, which was initially detected in South Africa during November 2021. We don’t know how many more stains will come up down the line. Experts are neither able to provide any definitive projection yet.

Under such situation the role of a precaution dosage or booster dose of COVID-19 will be extremely important in raising the immunity of senior citizens and frontline workers (healthcare workers, nurses, doctors, etc.). We expect that Government will soon come up with the plan of commencing booster precaution dose for all citizens of all age group soon. Get vaccinated with the booster dose as soon as you get the scope. Be Safe!

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