Karnataka State Police Announced Recruitment of Transgender People for Indian Reserve Battalion and Special Reserve Sub-inspector

Karnataka State Police Announced Recruitment of Transgender People for Indian Reserve Battalion and Special Reserve Sub-inspector

Lately Karnataka State Police aka KSP has issued an invitation for special reserve sub-inspector applications from males, women, and most importantly transgender individuals in the KSRP and Indian Reserve Battalion (IRB). Many individuals, including members of the transgender community, hailed the idea. They said such moves are very much welcome as it would aid to bring in normalcy to society in terms of acceptability of transgender people in mainstream.

On Monday, a government department in Karnataka encouraged transgender persons to apply for the first time. There is a deadline for the application on 18th January and the number of vacancy for this post is 70. It would be pertinent to recall that for the first time in Indian history, the Karnataka High Court ruled in July that transgender individuals are entitled to be reckoned as public sector job candidates.

This came in trail of a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) filed last year by Sangama, a city-based rights organisation and NGO, along with the social activist Nisha Gulur in July 2021. Senior counsel BT Venkatesh appealed in that PIL so that High Court rule for flat one percent reservation for transgender individuals in all sectors. Mr. Venkatesh also highlighted and commended the decision since it is the first time in India that a government department has declared that transgender individuals would be treated equally while executing an official recruitment process.

Non Government Organizations which are working with transgender issues have also congratulated the Karnataka State Police, while Sangama applauded the Karnataka State Police for providing scopes to the transgender applicants. They applauded the state police for taking this daring action as a state organization. Especially when it has been disempowered and stigmatised people who are treated unfairly because of their sexual orientation and gender identity, as well as allowing rights-based work to support sexual and gender minorities.

According to Rajesh Umadevi, executive director of Sangama, other organisations should take inspiration from the court and give job opportunities to everyone irrespective of their sexual orientation or gender position, as the Constitution has given such rights in its fundamental right.

Meanwhile, the non-profit organisations have urged all eligible members of the transgender community to seize this chance.

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