Free Fire Vs. PUBG (2023): Which Offers Superior Graphics, Maps, Guns and Gaming Experience?

Free Fire Vs. PUBG: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Free Fire are two of the most popular battle royale games in the world, attracting millions of players globally. Both games offer players a similar experience of surviving in a shrinking arena, where players must fight to be the last one standing. However, there are several key differences between the two games that set them apart from each other.

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Free Fire Vs. PUBG (2023): Which Offers Superior Graphics, Frame Rates, and Gaming Experience?


Both PUBG and Free Fire have similar gameplay, with players starting on a deserted island and scavenging for weapons, supplies, and other resources. However, the two games have different maps, weapons, and vehicles that players can use to help them survive. PUBG has a larger map, with a more diverse range of environments and terrains, while Free Fire has a smaller map that is designed to promote fast-paced action and quick decision-making.


PUBG boasts high-quality graphics, realistic environments, and detailed characters, making the game immersive and visually appealing. Free Fire, on the other hand, has a more cartoonish and colorful art style, which is more appealing to a younger audience. When it comes to graphics, PUBG Mobile is powered by Unreal Engine, which is known for its exceptional graphics and smooth gameplay, while Free Fire is based on Unity. This results in PUBG Mobile having better graphics compared to Free Fire. However, Free Fire can run well on low and mid-range devices and has a smaller download size.

Game Modes

In terms of game modes, both Free Fire and PUBG Mobile have a lot to offer. PUBG Mobile boasts several game modes, including Arcade, EvoGround, and Arena, while Free Fire has Classic, Ranked, Clash Squad, Rampage 2.0, Kill Secured, Bomb Squad, Gun King, and Big Head.

Length of matches

The length of matches in PUBG is generally longer than those in Free Fire. A typical PUBG match can last between 20 to 30 minutes, while a Free Fire match typically lasts between 10 to 15 minutes. This makes Free Fire more accessible for players who have limited time for gaming.

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In-game purchases

Both PUBG and Free Fire offer in-game purchases, but Free Fire takes it a step further, allowing players to purchase items that give them a significant advantage over others. In contrast, PUBG only allows players to purchase cosmetic items that do not affect gameplay.


One of the key differences between Free Fire and PUBG Mobile is the size and richness of their maps. PUBG Mobile has an advantage over Free Fire in this regard, as its maps are bigger and more detailed. At the moment, PUBG Mobile has five classic battle royale maps – Erangel, Livik, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi – whereas Free Fire has four maps – Alpine, Purgatory, Kalahari, Bermuda, and Bermuda Remastered.


Both Free Fire and PUBG Mobile have vehicles that players can use to move around the map. However, PUBG Mobile has a wider variety of vehicles, including water vehicles, compared to Free Fire, which only offers motorcycles and cars.

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In terms of weapons, PUBG Mobile has a slightly larger arsenal with 52 different weapons, while Free Fire has 45. PUBG Mobile also has an advantage in the throwables department, with four types of throwables – grenades, smokes, stun grenades, and Molotov cocktails – compared to Free Fire’s one type (grenade). Both games have weapons divided into categories like AR, SMG, LMG, Snipers, Shotguns, etc. but Free Fire doesn’t have a separate category for DMRs.


Free Fire has 32 characters, each with their own unique abilities, except for Adam and Eve, the starting duo. PUBG Mobile, on the other hand, doesn’t have special abilities or characters, but players can customize their in-game appearance with clothing items.


Free Fire has a larger player base than PUBG in India and many other regions, while PUBG is more popular in other countries, particularly in China and the West.

Free Fire Vs. PUBG: Final Word

In conclusion, both PUBG and Free Fire are excellent battle royale games that offer players an intense and adrenaline-fueled experience. However, each game has its own unique features and differences that set it apart from the other. Ultimately, the choice between PUBG and Free Fire will depend on personal preferences and what each player is looking for in a battle royale game.

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