Good work details

Your safety is our priority. Police personnel evacuating people to safe places and providing them support in various safe places. Sundarban police district is taking all safety and preventive measures for all the people to mitigate the effects of severe cyclone Bulbul. Please help us in our effort by following the below given advisories : 1. Please stay indoor. This will mitigate the harm due to high wind speed. 2. Please do not go to beach or any low lying areas near sea 3. Fishermen are requested to not go for fishing in seas till the cyclone subsides and a clearance from the metrological department is received. 4. Please do not use any boat or ferry services from today morning till the cyclone subsides. The administration has already suspended ferry services since today morning for your safety. 5.Please cooperate with us if local police / civil administration is asking you to evacuate to flood centres or any other safe places. Arrangements for safe stay and relief materials have been made in these centres. 6. You can reach to us at 03210-255703 in case you need our help.